LIFT Your Story with Dr. Sheila E. Sapp Believer in Kindness and Caring

Roy and LaurieAnn would like to thank Dr. Sheila E for joining us on our LIFT Your Story podcast and sharing her passion for caring and kindness.

Sheila tells us about her childhood friend, Karen, who didn’t see her color, her hair, or her lips.  She just saw Sheila’s heart.  This propelled Sheila to follow a career as a teacher, then Principal, and now extending her passion to others.

Thank you Sheila!

You can connect with Sheila at www.sheilaecares.com or by email at sheilasapp15@gmail.com

More about Sheila:

Who I Am
I am a retired educator and former school leader who still has genuine passion for education, learning, children, families, teachers, and school leadership.

What I Have Accomplished
I have worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, instructional supervisor, curriculum director, assistant principal, principal, vendor, and motivational speaker.
Additionally, I have authored three educational books-“Guide to Best Practices for New School Administrators”, “The Learning House”, and” Staying the Course”, provided workshops and presentations for teachers and parents, served as a guest speaker for churches/civic groups, and participated as a vendor for community and business events. My books are available at ExploringExpression.com, www.amazon.com/author/sesapp202053, www.amazon.com, and www.rowman.com.

What I Believe
I believe all children have gifts and talents. It is the responsibility of parents and educators to provide nurturing environments that will enable every child to flourish and succeed. Children are our future. In order for us to grow as a society, we must continually protect and develop our most valuable resource-children.

My Mission
My mission is two-fold. To use and share my gifts, experiences, and talents to encourage and empower parents to be the first teachers in their children’s lives. To assist teachers and school leaders in providing appropriate instruction and learning activities to meet the needs of all students to ensure life success and overall wellness. 

My Goals
1. Helping and empowering parents to have an active viable role in their child’s/children’s educational journey.

2. Assisting teachers, school leaders, and other pertinent instructional personnel with planning, designing, and implementing strategies/interventions to guarantee that all children and youth reach their full potential.

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