LIFT Your Story with Cammy Wang Trifecta Coach

You may ask the obvious question.  Trifecta Coach?  What does that mean?

For a quick overview, Cammy started her career as an Attorney, then moved into education, then to financial.  She combined the three into her coaching. 

Cammy speaks to her life long disability, but how she maintained a positive attitude and determination to keep going.

When you listen to this Podcast, you will also hear Cammy’s awareness as a younger person watching her parents, and realizing that someday she would likely need to be there for them financially.  This having been the catalyst to learn and now teach about finances. 

Cammy is sharing her knowledge to all ages today for free as a pay forward with the World Financial Group.

Great story.  Thank you Cammy!

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More about Cammy:

Cammy Wang is a lifelong educator with a highly diverse academic and career background. She earned her B.A. in Communications (UCLA), M.Ed. (Harvard University), and J.D. (Loyola Law School). She also earned multiple accolades, certifications, and licenses from colleges, professional associations, and government agencies.  Cammy’s broad career interests have given her the opportunity to work in multiple industries: education, law, financial services, business, government, entertainment, and hospitality. An educator for over 25 years, she has a personal commitment to help individuals discover their own strengths and talents and to empower them in making informed educational, career, and life decisions. Running her education-career-financial consulting business (Designing Life, Wealth & Success) has been deeply rewarding for her to help others to discover their pathways to success.  Also as a financial strategist and Marketing Director with World Financial Group (WFG), Cammy has served numerous families and small businesses by helping them build a solid financial foundation.  Since 2016, she has created and delivered a series of financial literacy and college admissions seminars to schools, libraries, churches, community centers, and non-profit agencies.  Cammy also has been featured as a guest speaker for numerous podcasts and virtual summits throughout the world discussing her signature talk “Successful Financial Strategies to Thrive in Life and in Business”.  She is excited to be launching a new online course this coming February, 2021 entitled “6 Financial Strategies to Attain Financial Freedom” using her $imple Money Formula.  

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