LIFT Your Story with Afito Chiu Advocate of Self Empowerment for Women and Youth

Afito’s smile brightens up a room!  We  think she describes her story best.  Thank you so much for sharing!!

My name is Afito, and I’m a certified Women’s and youth Empowering Coach. My focus is to help guide and empower busy moms and younger teens to discover or rediscover their passion for getting them back to the path of self-happiness. 

I moved from Togo, West Africa, to the US when I was just 14 years old as a refugee. Being a teenager and having to restart my life over here is a challenge of its own, where I don’t know the language, a sense of not belonging, and not fitting in are some of the challenges I faced. Additionally, being bullied and getting asked degrading questions about my origin are many hurdles I had to overcome to succeed. After high school, I spend my 20s going out and partying; things shifted at some point. I started growing and wanting more out of life. I got my bachelor’s, then a master’s, got a job as a student advisor/consultant, helped and coached countless students on their finances, educational goals, and was certified as a women’s empowerment coach. I co-authored a book chapter with one of my best friends about how to become an empowering woman. I love empowering and being a champion of other women. I’m a mother of a 3yrs old, who keeps me focused and grounded. I’m also a co-founder of an educational program for youths, where I lead workshops to empower teen girls and help them build their self-esteem and confidence (pre-pandemic). After the pandemic, I shifted to the online space where I started my coaching practice for busy moms and young youth to empower them on rediscovering their passion for getting back to the path of self-happiness.

Additionally, I do volunteer works for nonprofits, and I’m a wine consulting for a clean-crafted woman-owned winery. I create cooking in my spare time, who loves to Zumba dance; this is where I empower myself to continue being a confident, vibrant, and robust individual.  I want to reach other busy moms/and women youths who need my services, and the many ways to do that is by partnering up with others in the online space and building a stronger relationship on spreading the words. Together, we can accomplish so much more and considerably appreciate this opportunity.   

Thanks for listening to my story.

You can reach Afito on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn @AfitoCCC

Afito support World Relief Chicagoland

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