LIFT Your Story Christa Andrews Certified Life and Marriage Coach

“Always remember to kiss me goodnight”.   Christa went from the coporate world and moved into her new life changing career by chance.  Being a great public speaker, her niece asked her to officiate her wedding.  Hear more about how this request inspired Christa to follow a new path towards her passion.

From pre-marital coaching, to coaching those already married, Christa’s experience is there to reach out for.  A valuable place to start before you share your vows.

Thank you Christa!

You can reach Christa at www.christaandrews.com

More from Christa:

My name is Christa Andrews. I am a marriage coach, Wedding officiant, certified life coach and soon to be published author. 

I left my corporate job three years ago to Perdue my dream of being an entrepreneur. 

I became a wedding officiant by accident. While working at my corporate job, my niece came to me and asked if I would officiate her wedding. She knew I had years of experience of public speaking and she also admired the relationship I had with my husband. After I officiated her wedding, I got many more requests to do other weddings. And my business began there but certainly did not end there. 

After performing a few weddings, I quickly realized that there was a need for premarital coaching. My husband and I developed program for couples to walk through with us in a very laid back atmosphere. We talk to our couples about their expectations and what it really means to be married. We share with them tips and tricks about what has worked for us over our 20 plus years of marriage. Plus much more. 

We also discovered that their is a need for marital coaching even after the marriage. Since most of the time, it is the woman to be the first one to reach out, I developed a program for woman to help them during difficult times in their marriage. 

I too, have suffered bad times during my marriage and I write about it in my book “Always Remember To KISS Me Goodnight” a guide to having a loving marriage long after the honeymoon. I feel that everyone has difficult times during their marriage but some are afraid to tell their story. In my book I candidly talk about difficult times I have had. I also offer lots of guidance and information to help couples have a happy successful marriage. 

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