LIFT Your Story with Martina Coogan Metaphysical Monarch

Martina speaks to not just being a Monarch in the royal sense, but being a Monarch in the butterfly sense.  Getting to feel calm and learn acceptance.  Her story about even if you move, you can’t run away from what is inside of you is so true.

More about Martina Coogan:

And I am best known as the Metaphysical Monarch, 

With over 20 years experience of teaching ancient lineage healings and tools of power which balance the human energy fields, mental and emotional bodies I specialize in empowering people to achieve inner peace and self mastery.

Using the aura and chakra alignment system which releases limiting beliefs and programming people start love themselves and feeling alive every day.

I grew up in Ireland in a family where I felt trapped, suppressed and limited so I decided to move away. However, I learned that changing location does not change you, your problems travel with you and limit you and your life! 

It’s only when you heal from within that you can truly access your personal power and accomplish your greatness.

My Mission is to help people clear negativity, release debilitating programming and limiting beliefs so they can attain a happy, healthy, well balanced lifestyle.

What I love most about what I do is seeing people transform into living their best life everyday. 

When I am not working I enjoy long walks in London Parks and meeting up with friends.

The best way to reach me is by visiting my personal website www.advancedspiritualinstitute.com 

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