Lift Your Story with Gord Strain Knife Sharpening Expert and Podcaster

We had such a great time with Gord.  What a funny and personable person.  From his Knife passion to his Podcasting, this man is so much fun and has such a great story!

He says he is 46, but here is what is funny.  I thought he was 30ish.  🙂

More about Gord:

Gord Strain is a forty-six year old Businessman and Podcaster currently living and working in Milton, Ontario, Canada. 

In 2019 Gord combined his cache of knowledge from years spent as part of the management team for some of North America’s most notable retailers with an artisanal skill that, whilst a passion of his, had previously only been a hobby and launched Gord’s Shop of Sharpening. Word of mouth spread quickly around Milton and in no time Gord’s home-based business was turning a profit.

When he can break away from his new job, Gord is the Head-Writer and Co-Host of the wildly successful podcast “Eric & Gord: What If We’re Right?” a hilariously scathing examination of current events, paired with interesting trivia and no-holds-barred advice for a better life. Now approaching the end of its third season, “What If We’re Right?” boasts over two-hundred and eighty episodes and is enjoyed by more than ten thousand listeners in 14 countries around the world.

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