That Gal With That Guy with Lauren Jane Artist and Holistic Online Course Creator

Lauren Jane helps entrepreneurs create online courses from a wholistic perspective of integrating the Mind/Body and Business to live a happier, less stressed and more fulfilling life. She also has a YouTube Channel where she is committed to making videos that make a difference. 

Lauren tells us about her beginning as an Artist and realizing the business knowledge was something she had to learn.  Self taught, she is now reaching out to others who have passions to teach them the ways to take that passion, even if it is just a hobby, and turn it into a business.

Lauren and her Fiance are now working on a new business laptoplife.com soon to be released.

Looking for someone to help you feel less intimidated by the prospect of making your passion into a business?  Contact Lauren on FB as Lauren Jane, or on her Youtube station below.

Link to Laren’s YouTube channel: 


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