That Gal With That Guy with Heather Harden About Helping Entrepreneurs Through Growth

Heather Harden is one of the contributing authors to the largest entrepreneurial book in the world, 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success, co-authored by Forbes Riley and Steve Samblis. Heather sees every person as an essential and expressive individual: her passion is empowering others in bringing their dreams to fruition. It was this vision that drove her to start Nachat Consulting LLC with her brother, Joshua. 

Fun fact. Nachat comes from a very beautiful meaning.  Listen to find out the meaning.

Their mission is to help business owners revolutionize their customer support and prepare their business for periods of rapid growth through the use of scalable software solutions. Heather and Joshua’s plans for the future include creating a healing center for victims of personal trauma and a training center helping these individuals to transform their experiences into a sustainable business through which they can support themselves and their families.

To connect with Heather go to www.nachatconsulting.com

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