That Gal With That Guy With DK Quick Processing to Overcome Anxiety and Author

This is a MUST listen.  What a wonderful Podcast.  I was going to edit out my dogs barking, but thought… perfect segway to stress. :)… 

 It’s not even just about Anxiety and processing within a moment.  DK is an engineer.  We spoke to the “society” version of engineers being logical.  However, DK brings humanity into his story.  From moving up in the corporate world, to the childhood anxieties that come back to the conscious mind from the subconscious, and eventually leading DK to creating the DK Method.

DK is more than just a creator of a way to become successful by controlling your anxiety.  He is a wonderful example, with his wife, of reaching a level beyond, and adopting, along with their 5 children, 3 more children with special needs.  This is a wonderful story.

DK is also the author of Stress And Anxiety Eliminiation, Don’t Shoot The Customer, Sky Children and Your Career Altitude, Taking Flight.

We really appreciate you DK for this wonderful time with you and the amazing life experiences you have shared with us.

You can find out more about DK by visiting dkwarinner.com
You can also email him at relaxmeDK@gmail.com

LaurieAnn and Roy Miller
That Gal with That Guy

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