That Gal With That Guy With Glenda Barrington Money Coach with a Holistic Approach

That Gal With That Guy were pleased to have Money Coach, Glenda Barrington with us on this Podcast.  Glenda believes that being in debt can feel like being in a bad relationship…the kind of relationship that tears women down, makes them feel bad about themselves, lowers their self- esteem and their self-confidence.

To successfully reduce money-related stress, “break up with debt and kick it to the curb” she uses a holistic approach to help women…this approach includes, but goes beyond, tracking money and creating spending plans.

Addressing other components such as the relationship with money, values, money stories, etc. she helps women reduce their money-related stress, get out of debt and build (or create) a meaningful life as they do it.

To better serve her clients, she uses a combination of her own personal life experience with debt and her professional experience as a mortgage agent and debt consultant.

Website: www.glendabarringtonconsulting.ca
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GlendaBarringtonMoneyCoach

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