That Gal With That Guy – An Evening With Doris Parreno, Cancer Survivor

What a great evening with Doris Parreno, listening to her wonderful story about her battle with Breast Cancer, and her victory. Watch and listen to her journey!

(Our sincerest sympathies to Doris’ family. Sadly, Doris passed away due to COVID shortly after this interview)

What would you do if you were told you had breast cancer? Doris chose a different path. Understand that Doris is NOT advocating against chemotherapy, but she made her own choice. If you do choose chemotherapy, remember that her methods combined can help. Pamper yourself, and detox to increase your odds of becoming a cancer survivor. We also mention that breast cancer can affect men too. Please be checked regularly. We are very honored to have had Doris Parreno as our guest tonight. For more information please visit her site www.DorisParreno.com. Listen to the interview on Podcast at:


www.googlepodacast.com – That Gal With That Guy

www.spotify.com – That Gal With That Guy

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