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Bulimia.  It can affect people from as young as 7, but also continue to affect adults into their 40s, 50s, and 60s. The older adults often are afraid to admit it and get help as well.

I thought it was my friend.  I won’t lie.  Not food.  Food was not my friend.  My bulimia “was”.  I struggled for 30 years on and off with this “friend”.  Trying to tell her she wasn’t, but she kept coming back to soothe me.  How?  You say?  Because at the time I needed comfort and I didn’t know where to find it.  Everything, and everyone around me seemed to feel like a control factor.  Bulimia was my escape.  I could actually go in a room and eat all the comfort food I needed until I felt so full that I just wanted to scream.  I get it.  It started as a diet gone wrong.  I couldn’t manage dieting.  I hated it.  My eldest sister told me I was too fat for her wedding and should go on this starvation diet.  I tried.  I did it for three days… I suffered three times 10 years of that … thinking I was fat.  And I was so NOT.  I look back at the pictures of when I was 16 and I looked really nice!..

I have a program that I created that will help you with overcoming bulimia which includes Grapho Therapy.  I am the only one that includes this in a program for recovery.  At the bottom of this page, I am offering a 50% off my 12 week program to the FIRST 5 to sign up!! Deadline is January 31st for this offer.

Society has a way of making us not like ourselves in order to sell diets and to sell anything that will make you right for video, for a picture, for whatever.  But they don’t tell you what you need to just love you!  Someone told me today that sometimes large people who are over confident and love themselves should learn that there are inappropriate things they shouldn’t wear.  Like tight pants… yoga pants so to speak, with shorter tops than perhaps they should wear.  But what constitutes what is right and what is wrong to wear?  So a thin person can wear those yoga pants but a larger person who is proud of being large can’t?  I think my conversation about people who are larger and confident fell to deaf ears.

We, as a world… seem to forget.  It is important to maintain health.  But when it gets to extremes… and the value of the relationship with food becomes one that you don’t have one that is healthy?  It reflects on every aspect.  Food is to be respected.  You do that, you never have to diet.  You build the relationship of body and food and mind being at one.

Want a piece of chocolate?  HAVE IT!  A piece.  Respect.. and enjoyment at the same time.

I have been free of bulimia for 10 years.. don’t want to go back to her.   She may have saved my life from what may have been worse in fighting emotions, (suicide), but… she is no longer needed (and never really was, but back 30 years ago, there was not much in the way of knowledge for support)…. and overeating, as I did before her… no longer needed.  I respect my food.  I respect my healthy food, and my ice cream, and chocolate.  I do not abuse them.  But I won’t not have a relationship with them.  I have made peace.  You can too.  Contact me.  I really can help you learn… bulimia is not a jail.. but can be if you continue.

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