That Gal With That Guy With Steve Samblis – author and transforming people’s lifes 1 HABIT at a time

Roy and I were so pleased and honoured having our great guest Steve Samblis who is transforming people through collaboration and sharing not only people by becoming a part of his amazing series of 1 Habit and sharing their Number ONE habit, but also inspiring others to find a new habit they may not have thought about through others authoring their most important ONE. We met Steve through Forbes Riley, who is a part of the 1 Habit For Entrepreneurial Success – Simple Life-Changing Habits To Transform You Forever.

Steven also tells about his business being more than just creating a book. It’s about helping even ONE person. Exploration of Human Potential. His business is a virtually integrated media company with the core focus on the discovery and the education of human potential, to teach not only to find what make people great but teach people how to be great by what we acquire (not material!). People gravitate towards exploring knowledge, particularly through hard times. “There is no finish line”. “The Exit is death. Don’t spend your time looking at the ‘finish line'” .

What a wonderful conversation! Listen for more!!

Roy said it right. “I may have been laid off, but my family never laid me off” in business. We learn here about balance and human potential.

I, LaurieAnn, is a contributor along with several of her colleagues including Cristian Jr Hauser, Wendy Musch, and Mel Robertson who have been apart of our guests. Why? First of all, we are all a team with Forbes Riley. Also? Because we see the value in being a contributor and writing out OUR 1 Habit, as well as being able to provide a new view of why? Because even if 100 people have the same 1 Habit, each person has a story behind WHY. If you want to be a part of this great opportunity, please visit www.1habit.com

And yes, I, LaurieAnn started by messing up calling it Habit 1, but in my mind MY FIRST Habit is making my bed. To start the day, and enjoy crawling into it at the end of the day because I completed what I set out to do. 🙂 Whether you call it Habit ONE or ONE Habit, it starts with ONE.

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