Think BIG! Live The Life You Want!! YOU ARE NEVER POOR! In Anyway! Not Spiritually, Not Monetary, Not in Self Worth. Choose Your Cards!

I lived many “lives”. I owned my own Literary Agency at 24. Got married, had 3 children, but never gave up. I learned to be a great accountant, and marketing expert, and website designer during that time. I also started with a great friend Dee, and special design clothing line D-Laurz Designs.

I then became an Executive Director of The Enterprise Centre, founded an Alumni, a Membership and with my friend, Rodney DeFreitas started the Dine With the CEO, during which time we met the top Canadian Entrepreneurs who inspire the world. Our Chair, Mark Breslin, with our new founded Not For Profit Canadian Federation of Executive Entrepreneurs, stood by us and we invited many more excellent people.

Successful Entrepreneurs, by the way, if you can build a relationship with them, want to see you succeed as well! True FACT!

I left my husband and ended up owning my own Auto Repair, Used Car business, and added to it a Muffler Shop, Impound, and Towing Company.

Have I actually succeeded in all of those? Yes. Even if I closed them due to circumstances, the thought of being a failure is NOT an option. Learning from mistakes is the most important part of business life lessons.

I went on to do some pretty cool stuff. Lived in a barn with no running water for 3 years. And there I really was learning, during this, what I called “glamping” a lot about who I was. I even helped to sand and mask Caterpillars! No, not the bug!! 🙂

You never fall unless you think you did. I kept doing things. I kept busy with my blog, and helping a friend with his marketing, even if not paid for.


And today this is the most wonderful thing I learned. I AM THAT GAL! ANYTHING I WANT TO DO I CAN!!

And so can you. Never ever feel POOR in any aspect of life. Did I have to find pennies to wrap up to buy bread? YES. Did I ever feel POOR? NEVER.

As long as you have HOPE and FAITH, you can NEVER feel POOR.

And find YOUR CHOICE successful Entrepreneurs that you can build a friendship and mentorship with. Mine today are Bart Baggett and Doc Grayson and Raymond Aaron. I don’t have many, but they are not only mentors but take time to actually text me or message me when I need help! Create THAT relationship! Not all great entrepreneurs hold the name of Tony Robbins, or Gary V. If you want a lifetime relationship, find the right ONE or TWO, but no more than THREE!! Trust me.

I am now the FIRST CANADIAN MASTERS CERTIFIED HANDWRITING ANALYST. Never give up. I also live in a beautiful home and there is much more to come!

Stay STRONG and I can help you do that!!

Do you want MORE? Contact me!


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