Amazing Offer For A FREE Verbal Handwriting Analysis Report

I am so excited that my colleague Charles DeVries is offering 3 people the opportunity to experience a FREE verbal handwriting analysis. What is the catch? Simple. You agree to be a guest on a recorded ZOOM/PodCast session with I Am That Gal with I Am That Guy. There is another catch. You must write an honest Testimonial about your experience and agree to have it published on Charles’ new website.

Charles is an Expert Certified Handwriting Analyst working on his Master’s Certification along with me. He is also very learned on the Myers Briggs system and is working on combining both handwriting analysis with this system. Charles will also be presenting at this year’s AAHA Conference. (American Association of Handwriting Analysts).

If you are interested, please enter your information below and we will contact you. Don’t despair if you are not one of the top 3. We will be looking for more people to share their handwriting and present it in the future.

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