Belonging To A Membership Group Association Society

I really believe that it is such an asset to belong to an association/society/organization/membership/group. The networking is very important, but not nearly as important as belonging to a gathering of people who help not only your business growth but also personal growth.

It has been an honor to become an Authorized Mentor and member of the Marketing Mastermind with Bart Baggett, Founder of Handwriting University, author, handwriting analysis and forensic handwriting specialist, actor, and mentor.

I am also proud to be a Founding Member of the Advanced Mastermind Collaborative.

And just recently I am very proud to announce that I have been accepted as a Lifetime Member of The International Society of Female Professionals.

The value of “belonging” is not status, it’s about finding like-minded people, mentors, and coaches. It is such a valuable investment!

Find what you love to do, then my advice is to find at least ONE organization/association/society/membership/group to belong to. This advice is truly from my heart, my experience, and to note that the relationships you build from them are “priceless”.

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