This is just fun! 13 years ago I ran my own auto repair company and received in the mail a sample pen. I loved that pen. Two years into having that pen, my dogs chewed it, except the head. I kept that head, and one day decided to glue it onto a plain pen. I was happy again writing with it. But I missed the rest of it.

For four years I have sourced new ones. But the minimum order is 100. I kept thinking “should I spend that money?”

Well, this month it was time. Why? Because I finally have the brand I want and my website. This, obviously, was not an impulse purchase, unlike so many I have been known to make!

So, at last, they arrived today! Now, considering the past few days have been filled with quite a few disappointing and sad moments in my life, this order lifted my spirits.

Small things.

Funny story too. Today at my daytime place of employment, one of my customers was telling our driver “Campbells have a Peter Pan Syndrome. They never grow up”. Her last name is Campbell. My driver then said, “that explains LaurieAnn”, my last name being the same. I have to admit, I agree. I shared this with my father and he laughed and said: “that is so true!”

So to end of this is, of course, I had to take a photo op of “Proud Daddy Pen” with his new “children”. I just couldn’t resist.

I do live up to my motto “Live Life As Play – Plato” AND, I believe I have enough of these cute pens to spread many smiles with too! (And maybe motivate people to write for me so that I can analyze the writing <grinning>)

This sharing also works with my new rule; if I buy something for myself, I have to buy something for someone else. This lowers my decision to buy on impulse. That and to stop long enough and ask “God, do I really need this?” 🙂 Odds are I don’t. So with those two rules, I believe my 2020 will be a year of less spending and more saving.

I’ll give you an update on this in March.

“Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”

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