Serendipity and Epiphany – My Favorite Words

It was a struggle for me for quite some time to decide what it is I really want to do and to focus on. How do I package all the things I love to do into one nice bundle?

Things I love to do:

  • Write
  • Draw Hampy and his friends (my Book character)
  • Coach business owners
  • Use my PRISM Life Design Coaching Skills
  • Use my Handwriting Analysis/Grapho-Therapy Skills
  • Really be there to help others

It was during a ZOOM presentation by Bart Baggett, President of Handwriting University (author, speaker, and much more), that it all started to come together. He was speaking to being recognized in our field of Handwriting Analysis, and he said, “someday, LaurieAnn will enter a room and they will say ‘there is the Handwriting Gal‘”. Perfect. I liked it. Epiphany! I started thinking of all the other “gals” I was. The writing gal, the coaching gal, the pet-lover gal, the networking gal, the Hampy gal.

The only thing was, what was I going to do with all that, and how was I going to marry them all together? I registered “I Am That Gal” as a business to begin.

The other day I haphazardly Googled “I Am That Gal” for fun. Then it appeared! In front of my eyes was the Urban Dictionary definition of GAL. “Get A Life”.

As serendipity would have it (as I had Googled this many times before out of curiosity), there it was for the first time. And it was this “Get A Life” that I needed to complete my branding, my business model, my dream.

Hence the G.A.L Plan© – coming soon to this site. The full rundown of the various pieces of a puzzle that carefully put together will create a plan to implement into your life to “Get A Life” you really want!

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