I am so grey and black. Those are the colours I have most of in my closet. I literally have very little colour. Yet I love colours. (my favourite are rainbows!)

As you know I recently purchased 100 bobblehead pens. They came in black. One thing I really don’t like is black ink. I don’t know why, but I just can’t stand it. Maybe it was from the years we were forced to write with it to be able to send a clear fax. (I can’t believe we actually still use those machines!)

So I went to the Dollar Store and purchased two packs of coloured pens. Pink, purple, green, magenta blue, and orange. I have now 10 pens with fun colours to write with.

I also downloaded a colouring book and pulled out my colouring markers and pencils. It’s time to colour my world.

I then went out and bought a beautiful dress, and organized my closet, setting aside all the black and greys to one side, and what I had that was more “fun” to the right. I decided that even if my “uniform” during the day is black and grey, that I would once a week wear something colourful.

What am I getting at? I guess I am trying to say that when your world starts to become too black and grey, you miss out on the vibrancy of life. God gave us colours to enjoy, to draw with, to marvel, to wear.

Is your life black and grey? Or colour?

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