Years ago this dog defined me. I used to read to him when I was 2 and didn’t even know what reading meant, but I had a book and a basket he sat in and I sat in with him. I read to him even if I didn’t know even how to talk yet. True story. I didn’t know how to talk until I was 3. I made up for it big time.

Years later I had a beautiful daughter. Same thing. She didn’t talk until she was 3. People told me to take her for tests. I thought “no”. I was just like her. But an interesting part of this is that she was incredible on the computer at the age of 2. She understood everything. She didn’t “talk” but she definitely could communicate in her own way. Visual.

Today, we have both had our voices heard, albeit, maybe to our sorrow, we have not seen a change. But in some way we keep going.

Why? Because if you don’t keep going, and you don’t have a purpose or a dream? What is there to pursue?

Okay, I will admit. I spent a few hours this holiday season watching the Hallmark Christmas movies. It felt great. But here is 2020. And it is NOT hindsight. It is a vision for the years to come.

I can’t wait to make this the best decade. And I say that because I hope you join me with Mel Robbins.

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