Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?

We all wonder if we are doing any which one or the other at any one time of the day.

How so?

Well, when I am working on my Social Media Branding and websites – basically sitting at my computer and building my business, I do find sometimes that I get involved in certain things that are the “hardly working” in the middle of my “working hard”.

It’s not a bad thing to move away from the grind now and again, but I find that when it is taking me an hour and a half to get through my “goofing” on social media, I know then that I am hardly working and I have to force myself to shut all that down and go back to my list.

It’s not always easy to do, because sometimes even you get interrupted by a friend or colleague, and start chatting, and before you know it, there goes 2 hours of your day.

So really, it’s not a bad thing – much like enjoying a piece of chocolate, or a bowl of ice cream. But the fact is, if you eat chocolate or ice cream for two hours strait you will not feel very right. Nor do I feel right when I do not move out of the “unfocused” stage.

Focus is one of my downfalls, and I am working on it. So having said that, I still have two things to complete on my list before diner time.

Thanks for being here! And please, share your thoughts! I will read through them and maybe even post a couple right below here!

Have an awesome day!


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