That is what learning is all about!!

So today I took some time to learn a program I have had for a year and have not even really expanded my knowledge of. Designrr.

My interest in this online program was at first because I have over 467 posts on one of my blogs, and the wonderful part of this program is it allows you to create a .pdf, epub or create a Kindle with any of your social media. You can import from Facebook, Google Docx, regular Docs and much more. Simple cover creation. You can use your own or choose from a selection.

From the day I signed up for this, the software has improved substantially. It has become much more user friendly.

I plan on getting better at it, but I was just playing today and created this:

All fun. Now back to work. Thought I would take a little break and share this.

For more information about the program, go to created by Eric Mulford. You can also check his FB page out at @getdesignrr

If you have a substantial blog, it’s worth looking into. There is a free version. Try it out!!

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