Mad as Hell… Just Learnt About This Wonderful Speech From My Daughter!!

All countries think that they are in a bad way for taxes and government and nasty fights between global government wars.  They don’t need to be bombs… In fact lately they are just about economics.

Heard the tell… saw this and found another… and it’s telling.

We can brand ourselves as Entrepreneurs, and find beautiful people online.

Question is… when, if we speak up, will they they stop our online ability to make money?  A wall between Mexico and US?  A thought that Canadians have freedom?

When are we going to take a handle on this.  I know someone tonight who shed the light on this.  Unless we open our windows and shout out “I’m mad as hell and don’t want to take this anymore” as a group?  Nothing will be done and government will keep taking… and taking…

We need to speak out… if it is a 10000 letters to the editors of every newspaper… like old times… and then matched with 100000000 emails to the editors of every newspaper…

Watch my videos… I think you will understand.  My young one said who is 25 and standing before government protesting on said own… I am proud.  We need to be smarter and stronger as civilians!!  We have been so complacent… remember the 60’s?  when has that ever happened since?  I think it’s time.  Government just takes over and over time complacency let’s them do what they want.

GET UP… SHOUT… We need a leader like that… or too like the US is not the best… but which country is?  We are falling apart as a WORLD… fart!! I felt like this since I lived in Turkey in 1970 at 7 years old and everything about war and ugly became real… and it never stopped… and government got greedier… that part is the worst….. they take, they get jobs and we pay.  Sorry…

I want a way out… where I can live my life with my furry children… and not worry about Trudeau or any other government official stealing from all the work I do… to create income.

Something has got to give.. not just for an older person like me… but for my children who are looking for the opportunities that truth be know… as much as we call them Millenials and “privileged”… really?  How can they afford their next house?  When the boomers over escalated the value? … and now the interest rates are going up.

I agree… there is feeling of entitlement… when I look at my children.. but then again.. they are fighting a world bigger than the boomers and the Genexers.  They seriously have to make a LOT OF MONEY… to make it in this growing taxes, growing value of houses, increased interest… who want to have a baby to add to that>???  Why do you think they are living their parents today?  Because a long time ago government started to tax us… and it was suppose to stop after the war… LOL.. so sad.. got worse… paid their wages and government got bigger.. and we continue… my sad… for my children… understand their fury and their anger… I tried fighting the NDP when I WAS 24 published in the Toronto Star!!!  32 years ago. Nothing changed… just got worse.

STOP the stupid.  I am proud of my child who is seriously sending out this message!!  I stand by!



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