The Tortoise or The Hare?

Which one would you rather be?

I always loved my father’s words of wisdom.  “LaurieAnn you are like the turtle (tortoise? similar).  He spoke to me these words back when I was in my late 20’s.  He told me to remember the tale.  That the Tortoise (or turtle) wins the race.

I don’t want to compete in this world of running around and racing for money, like someone I once spent my life with.  I do want to be in healthy wealthy position, and for years, money scared me.  I saw many wealthy people become not so healthy in the passionate side of the world.


But as turtle/tortoise… it took me time to stop being afraid of money, and personally I can’t see any bad in it, as long as YOU as a person do not make it a GOD.  I have but one, and my ONE is a kind God that provides always.  But fear, I have been taught, is something to get over.

I found this picture and smile and thought of Dad.  One of my most precious people in my life for advice.  Mom too.  I’m not sure what they taught me about money?

But they taught me well about independence.  And that part transpires in all aspects of life.  Love, friendships, family, self-reflection, money?… note… that part… the money one… is last.  But as much as we hate to engage in the thought that money matters?  It does, but on so many tiers.

So engage… Tortoise or Hare? 🙂