My Life Looking For The Perfect Fit

I have been working hard my whole life.  I keep looking for that perfect fit.  The one that makes the saying “working smart, not hard”.

I think I found it, but really working hard is what makes the end result of working smart, not hard the answer.

I have read so many books on building income, and followed so many people who have actually achieved their dreams.

Here is the thing.  At the beginning I felt afraid.  Yes, AFRAID.  I felt that if I started to make money I would end up with a lot of issues in my life.  I was afraid too that I would change and become something else.

I didn’t want to be “that person” who when they achieve wealth, becomes … void.  And that money becomes a mission, not a statement.  It becomes a God to them, rather than a blessing.

Today I am comfortable in knowing that  I want to pursue wealth, health and happiness, and even if all those three are at a level that I am comfortable with.  I have to say that my health, albeit now and again questionable, is better than most would hope for  My happiness is all there.  My wealth is something I want to expand on and finally not afraid to.  My toxic vocabulary of being afraid of wealth is no longer.

With wealth, you can help first yourself, then others.

Why first yourself?  Bills to be paid, etc.  But if you achieve the levels of wealth beyond your lifestyle requirements, then you have a blessing to share!

I want to be wealthy. Simple.

And this world allows for opportunity to become that.  You just have to find it. 🙂

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