Meeting The Queen & Prince Philip

I serious did meet both.  Years ago obviously from these pictures.  I was 8.  It was so amazing.  Our family travelled a lot.  One of the most telling places we lived was in Istanbul, Turkey.  Dad was moved there to help them build their telecom business.

There was no Canadian Embassy, but there was a British one that we, Canadians, were invited to join.  Weekend movies were played there and we had the best Christmas parties with great gifts and games as children.

This one major even was really exciting, but more so because the Queen and Prince Philip literally stopped to speak to my parents.  They were not on “the list”, so we are not quite sure why, but it happened.  (I’m the one at the front with the red kilt with very fashionable red socks, and just in awe!)

Remember that.  Some things in life you don’t know “why” but it happens.  But if you don’t try, or don’t show up, you will never know.