It’s A Wonderful Life

My favourite Christmas movie.  I have not been one to feel the love for the season in many years, but this year it feels different.

I don’t know how many of my friends here will remember Jimmy Stewart and the original movie.  It was all about money, and the struggles.

I am so proud to have a beautiful personalised signed picture from this talented man, and a letter, personally signed, by his secretary.  The story brings me to this.  We do have a beautiful life if we choose to find all the blessings.

Challenges? yes.  Ugly things sometimes happen?  Yes.  But what of it all.  In the end, my blessings are two wonderful parents, great Aunts and Uncles and cousins that I rarely see, but love and thing of them often, knowing they are there.  Three beautiful children and two wonderful sisters.  All the garbage you take to the curb and focus on the beautiful.  And know, like James Stewart did in his wonderful movie, know (yes, repeated) There will always be a way….

As Christmas approaches, and or whoever’s holiday it is… remember… life is what you make it.  Challenges happen, but in the end, my eyes look out to the beauty and the excitement of the future.

It’s a Wonderful Life… if you choose to make it so…