I Can’t Believe My Book Is On Amazon for over $285!!

I guess I have been around for a while.  LaurieAnn created me in 1980 and published me 30 years later on my birthday, in 2010.  I suppose someone found this fascinated.  Now LA does have the original first, “need some help”, for so many reasons of the samples.  She still was not Hampy with the re-do of her personally sketched and painted me, but, she did have an ISBN Number, and copyright, since 1985.  All exciting.

But what was the most exciting thing lately that my creator found was, that one of our books was worth over $285 on Amazon.com, and being sold by a seller that has 93% positive reviews!

So, the fact that my creator has 50 of them left, she is wondering….. is $15US ($20 CDN) per book plus shipping and handling and signed unreasonable? 😉

If interested, contact us!! hampycanada@gmail.com.


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