I understand that my title seems Cryptic.  It’s meant to be.  I’m writing this blog tonight for perhaps several reasons, and I’m hoping not to go on too long about all the subjects that are going through my head, in fear of boring you, or me staying up too late doing so.

#1. Do you ask a first date to write you a note to find out perhaps something about them?

My answer would be yes.  If they are willing to be so open to do so, then there is at least one door you are opening.  But more so, you are able to understand, as long as you know YOUR handwriting characteristics, if this is a good fit.  Is it absolute? Not at all.  Love is so questionable.  And so to is compatibility.  But it is a start, and it can at least bring you to a point where you and the other person understand each other better and can make a wise choice at the onset.

In fairness, someone who doesn’t like to be controlled may find that the other person’s handwriting shows signs of this trait.  So there is a choice then.  To accept it, to not accept it or to discuss it.  And so on.

#2. Do I really want to know about myself?

That’s a dagger.  It can actually puncture you in places you don’t know about yourself.  Okay, in written format it may be said it can punctuate you, or find hidden claws in your subconscious.  It can also find that you are kind and generous, but that you have hidden inhibitions, issues with your self esteem, or not. I can go on, but it is telling when you have either someone do your handwriting analysis, or you are a handwriting analyst and see it in your own.  Perhaps the latter is a bit more disturbing at times because as you write you see it write there (right there) and it becomes a very strong awareness in the conscious mind of what your subconscious mind is showing you over time and as changes happen. It’s amazing.

#3. What do you really want?

Handwriting analysis won’t tell you what you really want, but it can help lead to knowing desires, such as physical, or cultural, or intellectual.  It can help you find where you might have some self-conscious issues that can be worked on, such as criticisms in regards to intellect or physical, whether a procrastinator or self defiant, and again I can go on.  But by finding these issues that may need to be worked on, it makes it easier to find perhaps a path to follow that may lead you to what you really want.  Be that a relationship, business, hobby, self-fulfillment.

Thank you for reading this.  I have been interested in this science since I was 9.  I found a place that helped me hone my skills in this science and grateful for it.  It has allowed me to know myself more, and in so doing helping others to change their handwriting to help change the traits only that will encourage a better life, and to become accutely aware of their writing characteristics, in case they change.  I can do so in so far as I do this with me too.

On this journey, I moved forward to becoming a PRISM Life Design Coach and along the way met some amazing graduates as well.  This could not have been possible without the direction of whom I will call our “Master Coach and PRISM Life Design Creator” Bart Baggett.

I have been with Bart for 9 years now.  I know several people who have been taking his courses for over 20 years. It’s been a great adventure from Chicago, to Tucson, and hoping India next, in learning about helping people through first handwriting, and now the PRISM Live Design program.

It’s been amazing having a new group of friends who help me help others.  It’s a community of very knowledgeable people who support each other.

I will end here.  I warned you, this would take some times in finishing.  To all my followers, thank you, and I hope take time to check out Handwriting University and PRISM Life Design for more information.

For anyone who decides they would prefer the support and learning about the amazing new ways of self-discovery, be it through grapho-therapy or the PRISM life design process, which I found incredible, please contact me.  I am available online or in person and in all modes of communication.   Cell, Facetime, Skype, Zoom.  If you want a great community of people to help, contact me!

LaurieAnn Campbell (known as LA)





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