P.R.I.S.M. Life Design – Self Awareness IS Self-Defining

P.R.I.S.M. Life Design is a new an exciting aspect of my services.  I have never been so passionate about this.  The program is a 12 month program, which encompasses a detailed review of your passions, desires, and issues that you may need to deal with to find your “success” in life.

As a consultant/counsellor, my expertise lies in three particular areas:

  • How to deal with Adult Bullying (particularly if you don’t like conflict, often associated with childhood bullying)
  • Self Image as an Adult – including adult eating disorders, which include over eating, bulimia, anorexia, constant weight scale visits, wondering why you turn to food, or can’t stay with a diet.  My rule is.  No diets.  I can help you find you, without food needing to be your go to.
  • Relationships – how to deal with betrayal, bullying, and guilt about choosing to walk away.  Too many times we walk away because our gut says it’s right.  Then the outside world tells you otherwise.  Find what is really the true value of finding yourself.

I will be there online for you whenever you need the help.  Once a week sessions are what we are signed up for in this program, however, I can be there for you to send requests for contact 24/7.  I may not answer 24/7, but I will respond as soon as I get  your contact request.  I know about the need for connection, and to share at times that are unexpected.

My program includes 24/7 email, and as soon as possible responses.  I understand the need to connect.


I am there for you in “person” as well.  This person to person, one on one is so important.  Building a personal relationship with my clients is prime.  If you don’t trust me, then there is nothing to move towards.  I want to hear you.  And to a special person, I like what she said to me.  I want to “see” you.  Seeing you is understanding you.


Call me.  I am open to a 24/7 call as well.  Those I will likely answer as long as I am awake.  This is part of my program.  Reaching to someone when you need to is not time defined.  It may be at an appropriate time, but sometimes it is not.  If I am available, I promise to answer the call.  If I am not available, I will call back as soon as I can.


Is I will be there for you as much as I can be.  My inspiration in life is to fill the cup that is half empty in anyone’s life.  I did mine.  I want to share that with others.  My passion for people takes priority in my life.  It always has.  And always will.

To contact me directly please email me at prismcoach.ca@gmail.com

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