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Get to know me!


Get to know me!

About Me

That Gal


We are all That Gal.  The point is, what makes you That Gal?  What is your motivation, what is you inspiration, what is it in YOU that makes YOU That Gal?  That Person? That one that when you walk in the room they say... that is that successful, that talented, that special... YOU.



That Gal, that really has so much to say about her skillset, but no one would believe me.  Too much to list, and it's my parents' fault.  They motivated me to do so much and I pursued all that.  Music, Academics, Street Wise Learning, Arts, Crafts, you name it.  The combinations of my parents made for a forceful learning experience in life.

The goals of that girl


Goals? Always thinking WHAAAT?  And why?  Because I need to combine combine my goals, because my Goals are define by a grouping of passions I have.  These, I want to share simultaneously.  So?  Here is my take on things.  I have 72 .coms and I need to clean out to make way for my Goals.  Which are to share with you why I am..... the .coms I chose to keep.

I Am that Gal

Files coming soon.

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